Steven Rickard B.A. AACI and C.Arb


Rickard, Steven, B.A. FRI, AACI, CPL, PLE and C.ArbSteven Rickard offers his services as a Chartered Arbitrator (C. Arb) in real estate related matters. Steve is an accredited real estate appraiser, licensed realtor, multifamily property owner and business man in the area of property tax consulting. After graduating from McMaster University in 1974, with an Honours degree in Urban Geography he began his lifelong business interest in real estate.

During his career he has been an arbitration instructor, served on a panel of arbitrators at the Calgary Real Estate Board and worked with the Alberta New Home Warranty Program. He provides real estate consulting services to professionals such as lawyers, accountants and engineers. Steve also offers his services to laymen as an independent arbitrator in real estate, construction, lease renewals and insurance disputes. Steve has served as either arbitrator or mediator in over 50 disputes.

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Mr. Rickard’s civic duties include serving as Board Chair for the Calgary based non-profit organization known as Motive Action (teaching young people how to work) and serving as the Calgary West Rotary Club’s president in 2000 and the District Governor in 2005 (Rotary’s Centennial year).

Mr. Rickard is a retired Fellow of the Real Estate Institute of Canada (FRI) a retired Certified Land-Use Planner (CLP). He remains a retired member in good standing of the Appraisal Institute of Canada (AACI) and a retired member of the Association of Ontario Land Economist (PLE).

Follow this link to read a professional references from the Calgary Real Estate Board and from Alan V. M. Beattie, Q.C., C.Arb..

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